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Instagram DM online: How To View And Send Messages On Your PC!

Instagram DM online

Huh, originally, Instagram was created as an exclusively photo-centric platform. The only thing you could do is to edit your photo and upload it. No captions, no hashtags, no geotags. Such a format was extremely popular, but Instagram moved ahead, seeking always to identify new modalities for encouraging and attracting current and potential users. Now, Instagram is a full-fledged social network with a set of snazzy features - tagging, sharing, broadcasting, and chatting. Needless to say that IG is a powerful arena for increasing your brand awareness and business promotion from zero..

But today my goal is focusing on IG communication. To stimulate individuals to engage with a photo-centric app, IG has launched a fresh function - online/offline status. How to understand that your conversationalist is active on the app? IG Direct works in the same manner as Facebook (we remember who are the owner of IG) and the azure dot reports that the person engages with the social network right now. Thanks to Instagram DM online, you are always open to dialogue with your pals, online stores, brands, or bloggers.

To write a message on the visual platform, you should search for the arrow symbol, choose the conversationalist and send SMS to him. If the individual desires to reach out to you, he can write and start charting through Direct. But that’s not all. Besides private messages, you can share with image, video, URL-links, and other interesting data. You can also make video calls. Ohhh, IG chatting possibilities encourage!

In this post, I desire to tell you about all methods of sending and checking DM Instagram online. As a pleasant bonus, I’ve prepared a detailed guide on how to use the Inflact Direct Messaging module to generate your sales. But first things first.

How to check DM on Instagram online on a smartphone?

Before delving into alternative ways of IG chatting, let’s consider a standard way for checking your messages - through the app on your smartphone. It doesn’t matter what the smartphone is - IOS or Android.

When you open your IG application, you see your newsfeed. Look at the top right corner. You’ll notice a paper-airplane image. Oh la la, it is the entry into your Direct. Tap it!

Choose the human being you want to send something. To start communicating with a new person, enter his username in the Search bar. Then, click on the acc of your choice and enter the message in a conversational section.

How to create a group using of IG Direct?

Have no fear. Follow a detailed manual and pump your communicative skills.

Click on a Plus image. Scroll down the list of recipients and choose ones of your choice. We know an alternative method of creating a group on IG. After tapping on Plus, you go to the conversational box. Start entering the first letters of usernames in the Search bar and choose ones to whom you want to start the conversation. It makes the creation of IG group more comfortable.

It’s not too much to say that you can send a bulk message only to individuals you follow on IG.

It’s an extremely simple process and doesn’t require special skills to get the hang of. With just a few fingers strokes on your smartphone, you are on the path to communicating with people from all over the world.

How can I check my Instagram dm online on a computer?

Instagram DM

Most persons love using IG on a smartphone, but someone loves using IG on a computer. There are obvious reasons:

• a big monitor
• a convenient keyboard

Moreover, if you are SMM-specialist, it will be a more comfortable method of building love communication with followers. So, you can send Instagram DM online on PC via:

• The Windows 10 IG App;
• An Android Emulator
• An Android Mirror
• A Third-Party App

As we mentioned above, official IG doesn’t support the Direct messaging module on the site. Stay calm. I’ve rounded up all possible ways for you to check or send your Online Instagram DM on your desktop. Scroll through the article and push the limits of IG promotion.

The Windows 10 IG App

To use Insta’s service on your computer, you need to upload an IG app on the Microsoft Store. No purchase needed; it’s absolutely free! If you are distracted and don’t know where to start, read the following tutorial:

· Visit the Microsoft App Store and search for IG for Windows App.
· Install the app on your computer and launch it.
· Log in IG.
· Click on the DM image and send a private message to someone.

Clicking on the paper airplane/arrow image, you head to the conversation block where you can view recipients and the correspondence.

An Android Emulator

To access your DMs on IG, you can try using an Android Emulator. There are some disadvantages to it. The main drawback is that it slows down all workflows on a computer. An Android Emulator is also free. If you decide to use an Emulator for Instagram Direct messaging, follow our step-by-step tutorial:

Step 1. When you install BlueStacks on your comp, click on the Finish button.
Step 2. Enter the login and the password of your email. If you haven't Gmail acc, you should create it.
Step 3. BlueStacks is on your desktop.
Step 4. Type “Instagram” at the search bar and click on the IG icon. You will go to the Play Store where you can look for the application.
Step 5. Download the app and launch it.
Step 6. IG will be opened on your PC, enter your username and crossword.
Step 7. Get satisfaction from Instagram communication via Direct on your PC.
Clicking on the airplane icon, you can view your messages all the time whenever you want.

Notice, you can send a message to any individuals on IG. You can even make a love confession to Johnny Depp 💋. But if the person doesn’t follow you, your message will get into the Request inbox.

An Android Mirror

What is an Android Mirror? It is a reflection of your phone screen on a computer. Regardless of where you are, an Android Mirror allows you to run all Instagram process (including Direct Messaging, Posting, Commenting, Sharing) through a computer. A screen mirroring is an extremely useful feature that helps you in different ways. Imagine the situation, you need to send or check a private message on Instagram on your PC. Thanks to phone mockup on a computer, you can do it without any troubles.

IG on a computer

To start working with screen mirroring apps, you need to turn on USB debugging is located in the Android Settings. The next step is to search for the Display tab. Then, you select Cast. Click on your PC name from the range of existing devices.

The last step you need to do is to shift to the Connect app. Your phone screen displays on your PC.

A Third-Party App

Unfortunately, there’s no official DM feature built into the Instagram web version. But we don’t disappoint. We’ve discovered 3 methods of checking IG Direct messaging on a computer. Now, we’ll tell you how to view Direct messages via a third-party app. Notice, such platforms are not legitimate. But it’s an ideal variant for entrepreneurs or bloggers. Why? There are some tangible reasons:

Such broad-gauge services are dedicated to building happy communication with your followers. They permit not only send or check your Instagram DM online but organize mailouts for Instagram promotion and increased income.

They provide you a full-fledged promotion included Scheduling Posting and Direct Messaging modules, or a Hashtag Generator - a tool that helps you to select right hashtags for your post through the URL-link, a photo or a keyword.

If you are a businessman, it is the most convenient way to filtered all messages. All you need to do is to write down welcome, collaboration, or secret sales messages, beautify them with emojis and send them newcomers, current followers, or VIP customers. It automates your work and helps to show clients your love.

Also, a third-party app offers the possibility of creating a unique auto-reply without constant and exhausted a conversational section monitoring.

Such a service lets you log in to multiple accs. It’s an extremely useful feature, especially if you are an SMM-specialist running several Instagram accounts.

You can use a third-party app, regardless of an operating system - Windows, Mac, or Linux. We strongly recommend using Inflact. Inflact is the service that promotes your Instagram at all levels - through liking, commenting, following, scheduled posting, direct messaging, hashtags searching.

Auto-Liking, Auto-Following, and Auto-Commenting

Inflact is a growth service. It automates all your actions on IG. Mass-liking, following, and commenting enlarges the number of your profile visits, followers, and clicks. This is a great manner to increase brand visibility. Instagram users can find your username, go to your account, and follow. Inflact doesn’t put likes right and left. Inflact’s team adheres to all IG rules and limits. It’s impossible to get banned. If you have some information about your customers, their location, age, gender, you can narrow the targeting to gain the best results.

Scheduled Posting Module

Proper Scheduled Posting service is 50% of IG success. The rest is high-quality content. It is not necessary to publish photos and videos straight from a mobile phone, it is also possible through a computer. Inflact presents Instagram account analytics, proxy support and publication editing, as well as the use of emojis, hashtags and geotags, captions and the automatic addition of the first comment to the posts.

Scheduled Posting Module

An auto-planner solves the following tasks:

It’s an ideal time-saving tool. Write posts for a week/month and free your time. We are sure, you have a more important mission.

It helps to maintain order. Your followers are addicted to posts at 12:00 am. Once you can’t post your awe-inspiring photo and caption at 12:00 am. There can be one thousand and one reasons - for instance, you were dumped by your boyfriend, knock on wood. Your actions? You probably will move your post another day. Scheduled Posting Module helps to adhere to your posting concept regardless of unexpected events or emotional distress.

It helps to post at happy hour. Hope, you know your happy hours - when your clients are particularly vulnerable to information and ready to heed your every offer. But you are drinking cocktails in Majorca when your followers shuggle up in the bed in LA. Scheduled posting is the only thing that helps you to post your materials without any excitement.

It protects from writer’s block. The Scheduled Posting has another important advantage: you plan publications in advance, which eliminates the dearth of ideas and protects the audience from a lack of information.

It allows publishing your posts from the computer. Yeah, we are ready to shout it from the rooftops.

It helps you determine the visual concept of your posts. Needless to say that visual is a basis of IG. Schedule posting helps to create an awe-inspiring account without great design knowledge and skills.

Direct Messaging Module

Sending messages for each follower is an extremely time-consuming process. We recommend using Inflact. It automates your routine tasks and helps to concentrate on high-quality content.

With the help of auto-direct, you send welcome or secret sale messages on autopilot. It makes your communication with followers fast and simple.

There are several kinds of messages:

Welcome letters. Say "Hello!" to your first-timers.
Secret sale letters. Highlight your darlings.
ollaboration letters. Type and send messages to future business partners.
Discount letters. Stimulate your current customers’ interest.

All this helps your account shimmer into 2020 on Instagram. How to launch Direct messaging through Inflact? Let's learn this question!

1. Visit the Dashboard.
2. Search for the Direct Module block
3. Tap the “New Message” button
4. Complete your message using the set of emojis, adding a URL-link, or uploading a depiction.
5. Choose recipients - First-Timers or All Followers.
6. Filter the audience.
7. Activate your campaign!


I hope, now you understand how to access Instagram dm online on pc. I don’t know which method is ideal, but if you are SMM-specialist or entrepreneur we strongly recommend using a third-party app, such as Inflact. It simplifies your Instagram promotion and helps to attracts potential clients’ attention. But if you haven’t such high-flying goals, the best way to check Instagram DM online is the Windows 10 Instagram app.