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If you want to make your business grow every day, you have to create a usable and attractive web-site. Web site is a mandatory required part of any society, which wants to be named successful. And the big problem is to find a professional designers and web-developers, who are always in charge of trends and changes of industry.
And to have such kind of a partner is really important, because even in a couple of months the situation on the market may completely change. Yesterday the main trend was - huge sites with lots of video and images, but the more popular become mobile devices, the more change the web-design trends. Today the “bon ton” is a usable and light web-site, perfectly adapted to mobile platforms use.
Deenore is a web design agency which specialises in the creation and maintenance of internet web sites. We offer a full range of services including web design and development, web hosting placement, search engine registration and site maintenance.
Our technologies include HTML, DHTML, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, CCS, XML and other modern web-design and development tools.
Our team is quite diversified. And it doesn’t matter where our employees are located physically: We have designers based in Thomastown and Castlecomer in Co. Kilkenny and Celbridge Co. Kildare. If these guys are pro - they can be part of our team wherever they are.

We have a very strong and brilliant background including hundreds of realized projects. Also, we are proud of having stable and over-experienced partners like FuseLabcreative. Together we form a strong tandem, where technical issues are up to us and creative up to FuseLab. We worked on the same projects many times and we had never regretted about our partnership.
Contact us to arrange a free no-obligation consultation where we will listen to your requirements and explain the various options open to you when setting up your business online.